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At Bernhardt House of Violins, we offer many services to help our customers such as Financing, Trade-in Programs, Consignments, and Insurance Appraisals. Learn more below about each program. If you would like additional information about our programs, feel free to contact us and we’re happy to help!

Interest-free Financing | Layaways| Trade-In Program| Consignment Application| Insurance Appraisal Application

Interest-Free Financing

We offer fast and easy financing to help make buying an instrument, bow, or accessory affordable and convenient when purchasing in-store. Synchrony Financial makes Interest-Free Financing for In-Store Purchases Possible! Synchrony Financial offers flexible promotions and competitive interest rates.

  • Bernhardt always offers 6 month interest-free payment plan for purchases
  • Special 18-Month interest free financing available on select outfits
  • Simple application process
  • No annual fee
  • Fast credit decisions

* Please note, at this time, Synchrony Financial can only be used for In-Store purchases and is subject to approval by Synchrony Financial.


  • Layaways are 8 weeks
  • A credit card is required for automatic payments which will be drafted every other week
  • Customers must pay a 20% nonrefundable deposit which goes toward their purchase

Trade-In Program

We offer 100% trade-in value on any intermediate or professional-level instruments purchased from us.

*subject to inspection for repairs and not including the cost of installing new set of strings.

Consignment Application

  • Violins, Violas, and Basses must be worth at least $5000.00. Cellos must be worth at least $8000.00.
  • Bows must be worth at least $800.00.
  • The consignment must come with a current appraisal (within 5 years) or have us do an Appraisal at $100.00 per item.
  • It must be in very good condition with new strings/hair.
  • Repairs must be completed and paid for before it is placed on display.
  • 80% of the agreed sale price goes to the owner. 20% goes to Bernhardt House of Violins.
  • If the owner picks up the consignment, they will not be able to put it back on consignment.
  • Consignments should be left for a minimum of 3 months, and will be returned, if not sold, at the end of 12 months.
  • Consignments can only be returned to the owner who consigned it.
  • Bernhardt does not take accessories with the consignments unless it will help sell it.
  • Please fill in the form below and then Submit.
  • If you have any other information please email paperwork to:

Insurance Appraisal Application

  • A one page insurance appraisal is $100.00 per item (bow & instrument are separate)
  • Instrument and/or bow are to be left for two weeks for study. We will call if completed earlier.
  • Provide paperwork; such as, sales receipts, previous appraisals, and a written history of how it came into possession.
  • The more information provided, the stronger the appraisal.
  • Please fill in the form below and then submit.
  • If you have any other information please email paperwork to:
Please Note
  • There is no charge if a Bernhardt House of Violins appraisal is lost and another is printed and signed with the original date.
  • For an update on a previous Bernhardt House of Violins appraisal (7 years or older), whether the appraised value changes or not, there is a charge of $100 per item and the instrument/bow must be brought in for examination.
Please type in any information you have on your instrument. If you have receipts or other paperwork please email to
Appraisals can only be written for the owner of the instrument/bow

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