General Questions

Do you offer private lessons?

No. We do not offer private lessons at our store. However, on our website, under, Education, is a list of private teachers along with their locations, instruments they teach, ages and levels of students they take, and their contact information. 

Do you buy instruments?

We only purchase instruments from wholesale distributors who are exceptional in quality control. Due to their guarantee, we can pass the warranty to you. 

Instrument Questions

What is the Difference Between a Violin and a Viola?

*Full size violins are smaller than full size violas

*Violins have a higher pitch than violas

*Violins have an E, A, D, & G string and violas have an A, D, G, & C string

*Violinists read the treble clef and violists read the alto clef

*A violin bow is lighter than a viola bow

*Violinists play the melody more often in an orchestra and the violists play the harmony

What is the Difference Between Cellos and Basses?

*Due to its smaller size, cellos are placed between the knees and are played sitting down, while basses are played either standing up or sitting on a stool

*Cellos are tuned higher and play more melodic lines in an orchestra. Basses are tuned lower and are deep sounding and more percussive, often keeping the rhythm

Consignment Questions

Do We Take Consignments?

We are no longer taking consignments. the majority of our customers prefer to use their rental credit, our sales discounts, or our trade-in policy. These programs can only be used on our inventory; therefore consignment instruments are difficult to sell.

Rental Questions

Do I return the instrument at the end of the school year?

The only reason to return your instrument at the end of the school year is if you will no longer be playing. If you are going to continue playing the next school year, you will want to keep renting over the summer months so that your rental credit will not be lost and will continue to grow. We will also send information to you concerning opportunities to play over the summer. 

Do I need to make an appointment to start renting or to trade for a larger size?

No. You are welcome to drop in at your convenience anytime during our business hours. However, we do suggest you call first to make sure we have the instrument and size you need available. 

In order to rent an instrument, do you need my SSN and why?

Yes, we do need one's SSN. Since monthly payments will be made on instrument packages ranging in value from $1300 to $2800, it is necessary to check credit history.

How long does it typically take to go from one size instrument to another?

Growth spurts vary from one child to another and from one age to another. But on the average, an instrument is traded up every 12 to 18 months.

Do I need to bring in the instrument routinely for maintenance?

The teacher will generally let you know if maintenance is needed. You may notice something, as well, that doesn't seem right. We are always happy to check your instrument over if you have a question, but there is no need to routinely bring it into the store.

Can rental credit be transferred from one contract to another?

Each contract is individual, so rental credit cannot be transferred or combined from two contracts to purchase one instrument.

What comes in the "Bernie Basics" package and is it rented?

The Bernie Basics package is a one-time purchase to supply the student with the teacher requested accessories needed to learn to play their instrument. It includes a Muco shoulder rest, cleaning cloth, music stand and first frets.

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