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Bernhardt House of Violins workshop provides expert technical information and restoration. Our goal is to keep your bow and instrument in peak condition.

Daniel Miller, bowmaker, came to Bernhardt House of Violins in January 2004. He has studied bow repair and restoration under Lynn Hannings he continues to studying the art of bowmaking under Ms. Hannings and Josh Henry.
In additon to being BHV's resident bowmaker,Daniel has been Bernhardt House's leading repairman for ten years.

Instrument Repair and Restoration

  • Sound adjustments
  • Fingerboard
  • Fingerboard dressing
  • Soundpost
  • Soundpost patch
  • Touch-ups
  • End button/end pin
  • Bridge
  • Saddle
  • Pegs
  • Rebushing Pegbox
  • Nut
  • Top, back, rib cracks
  • Neck reset
  • Bass bar replacement
  • Edgework

Bow Repair and Restoration

  • Bow rehairing
  • Bow tip
  • Bow winding and grip
  • Stick and frog restoration