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Frequently Asked Questions

My child signed up for strings at school. Why should I get my instrument at Bernhardt?

Bernhardt House of Violins caters to school music programs. Because we only carry violins, violas, cellos, and basses we are able to focus on having the best instruments, accessories, and service for our customers.

Teachers know they can trust us to stand behind our products and provide exactly what their students need.

Is it better to rent or buy an instrument for my child?

We recommend renting an instrument for your student. String instruments come in different sizes for different size players. When you rent an instrument from Bernhardt House of Violins we will fit your child with the correct size. As your player grows you can exchange the instrument for the next size.

With our rental plan you accumulate credit through all the sizes toward the purchase of a full size instrument. Renting an instrument is a safe and easy investment towards a beautiful full sized instrument.

How much is it to rent a student instrument?

We have low rental prices with maintenance and care options. Our rentals are month to month.

Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Basses have different prices. Please call us, 864-282-8887, with the instrument and size you need.

Does a person need natural talent to play a string instrument?

Anyone is capable of playing a string instrument, regardless of talent, giftedness, or musical background.

Playing a string instrument enhances the enjoyment of music and leads to a lifelong appreciation of music.

Does Bernhardt offer string instrument lessons?

We have offered lessons, but closed our studios and prefer to support all the teachers in the Upstate. Since we are acquainted with these teachers we can direct you to a good teacher for your child.

Can you repair my instrument?

Our shop offers complete repair and restoration for string instruments and bows.

What other services does Bernhardt House of Violins offer?

We offer appraisals, field trips to our store, seminars, step-up meetings, and rental meetings for school and summer programs.

What is a step-up instrument?

Student instruments are built for durability not quality of sound or ease of playing. A step-up instrument is a better quality, better sounding instrument. The materials are those used for centuries to make fine string instruments. The tops and backs have been graduated to accentuate the appropriate pitches in the instrument. The materials are more expensive and more time is put into the construction, resulting in a beautiful and responsive instrument.